Chatham Social Justice Exchange


Chatham Social Justice Exchange

Join us on the 2nd Tuesdays of every month!  For up to date information about location, please our Facebook Event page


Caucus meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Both our People of Color and White Anti-Racism Caucuses meet on the same day but separately.  Click here for to register.


We are all affected and greatly impacted by racism and living in a white-dominant society.  Caucus is an opportunity for us to heal from generations of racial trauma that has been unaddressed and unreconciled for so long.  We hold these safe and brave spaces for us all to do the necessary work of dismantling racism within ourselves and our bodies.

What is Community Organizing?

Would like to learn more about Community Organizing?  Invite CORE to come and speak with your organization.  Contact for details.