Racial Equity Fundamentals for Community

Spring and Fall

This entry level workshop initiates the conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion in, among, and between our communities, our institutions, and in our lives.  Conducted over thef following four (4) modules:

  • Equity Fundamentals: Power of Perspectives and Language
  • An Examination of the Historial Impact of Generational Racial Trauma
  • What is Power?
  • Equity in Community Organizing

Objectives for this workshop beyond self-identified goals are as follows:  

  • Build a shared language around racial equity
  • Build a shared definition of structural racism based upon the current implications of historical events, policies, and protocols 
  • Build a shared analysis of institutional impact of structural racism
  • Examine power dynamics and identify power relationships
  • Examine data to show how BIPOC are affected by racism 

Building Stronger Communities

Coming Winter 2022!

This community organizing and leadership training series is designed for all people interested in community empowerment. It introduces skills, methods, and strategies for building cohesiveness and cooperation in any organization whether neighborhood association, social club, church group, or a collection of individuals brought together by a desire to effect change in their community. Full and partial scholarships are available.