CORE works to deconstruct systemic inequities and achieve equitable outcomes for all people in Chatham County through education, organizing, and reconciliation.

CORE welcomes Chatham Social Justice Exchange on Giving Tuesday, November 30th from 6pm-8pm via zoom.

We are pleased to announce the return of Chatham Social Justice Exchange to Chatham County as part of our Reconciliation Project.  

We welcome all members of the community to join us no matter where you are in your journey to understanding racial equity and justice.  

Register for free HERE

For this Giving Tuesday, we need to raise $2500 to sustain this program and others like it.  We would like to enroll 30 monthly sustainers this Giving Tuesday. Even a dollar makes a difference.  

Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity



We seek to raise awareness of systemic racism and strategies for dismantling it. Learn more about our workshops and events.


Our community organizing project builds and strengthens relationships with individuals, community groups, and nonprofits interested in race equity issues. Contact us to start a conversation.


We use a model of racial identity caucusing to broaden and deepen awareness gained after taking part in racial equity workshops. Contact us to learn more.


“The first thing you can do is to understand the problem. When we look at how we got here, 80 percent of our history has been spent in a racialized, segregated, or enslaved way of life and culture.”

— Stephanie Terry, Organizing Director


“When you’re uncomfortable and you’re so uncomfortable that your skin is itching, that’s when the work starts, that’s when the change happens. Lean into that feeling and explore it more.”

— Karinda Roebuck, Executive Director

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