Community Organizing for Racial Equity (CORE) staff is a team of racial justice organizers, trainers, and coaches. We provides service that adopt a racial equity framework, including community organizing trainings, equity fundamentals trainings, racial equity consulting, leadership coaching, and agency-specific trainings.

Community Workshops and Conversations

We host our Racial Equity Fundamentals for Community workshops twice a year (Spring and Fall). This is the starting point for many looking to build their racial equity analysis.

Webinars and events to lead conversations about community concerns related to racial equity issues. CORE hosts a variety of lectures and webinars to cover topics important to the community.

Educational Opportunities for Organizations

CORE has contributed to organizational change in local agencies through our workshops and consulting services by bringing awareness to structural racism, developing necessary skills and strategies for equity, and applying those skills in action for systemic change and culture shift.

We provide workshops a vareity of workshops for oragnizations and businesses to help operationalize racial equity with an intersectional lens, adopt a learning/ growth mindset, and move into action with a values-based practice.

Implementing a focus and commitment to becoming intentional about racial equity requires organizational change and awareness of those not present in the conversation. We hope you consider CORE to help your organization or company raise awareness of organizational and systemic behaviors limiting your equitable practices.

CORE provides workshops and consulting services with a strong focus on accountability, creating a place of belonging, and a culture shift.

Workshops include Institutional Bias and Creating a Values-Based Practice in your Organization; Race & Trauma; Shifting Power, Racial Equity Fundamentals for Organizations, Facilitation training, and more.

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