Restoration Villages

Restoration Villages

Restorative Practice and Community Healing

Restorative Practice is the action of healing work. Our restorative practice arm is built upon values of liberation – freedom from social beliefs and identities that create trauma in our hearts, minds, and bodies. Freedom to live as our most magnificent authentic selves. It is the act of decolonizing our thoughts, beliefs, and actions – separating our culture and community economies from systems that oppress us. We are creating a place of belonging.

Restoration begins with challenging yourself as an individual, but it grows outward through community. The bedrock of community healing is building deep connections and trust both within cultural communities and across cultural communities. We believe that one of the ways that healing can be recognized is not simply visual presence of multiple identities but it living without fear and erasure of differences – harmonious and able to exist in full complexity and contrast to others…..

Villages (Exchange and Race Affinity Spaces)

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Race-Affinity Villages

Black, Indigenous, People of Color Village

A brave setting for all Black, Indigenous, People of Color to build deeper connections, creating a supportive community for healing racial trauma and decolonizing world views and practices, strengthening the capacity for rest, resistance, and liberation.

White Anti-Racism Village

A brave setting for white people to build an anti-racist community through honest and vulnerable dialogue about inequities rooted in white supremacy culture, unlearning internalized racial biases and reimagining an equitable society.

Additional Events

Spanish-only Village

Coming soon!

Chatham Social Justice Exchange

A multi-cultural and cross-racial space for meaningful conversation, testimony, and the exchange of ideas, resources, and actions for people committed to a path of racial equity and justice.

A space for people of all races to learn from one another and engage in conversations and join actions to build power for addressing systemic inequities.

Special Events

Restorative Workshops (Quarterly)

A series of events designed to introduce and explore a diverse array of restorative practices, centering a decolonized framework, and anchoring healing in the value of liberation.

Community Connection (Spontaneous)

A series of events hosted throughout the community, designed with the intention of connecting individuals, families, and communities through JOY. Practiced by gathering to play, laugh, and eat.